Welcome to Cherry Valley Greenhouse!

Cherry Valley Greenhouse provides both retail and wholesale offerings designed to satisfy the needs from the small landscape designer to mass retail marketers with fresh homegrown floral products and supplies.

Fall Mum Sales

Our fall mum sales are set up as self serve, 7 days a week, 9- 6.
We have a beautiful assortment of fall mums in a range of sizes from window box size on up to huge 14″. We also have flowering kale, sedum, and straw bales for fall decorating.

Grow Your Own! Start Your Own Veggie Garden.


How about a healthier you? There are quite a few reasons to start a vegetable and herb garden. First thing is you’ll get some great exercise in. Gardening burns calories, improves your mood and lets you commune with nature. In addition to that you’ll connect with your food like never before. Who knows, you might get into healthier cooking habits too!

This Just In!

Citrus Trees! Limes and Meyer Lemons are here. Visit the Greenhouse to get your first pick.


What’s Blooming at Cherry Valley Greenhouse

Watch this site for information about new plant arrivals, or great new plant varieties that we’ve found. We settle for nothing less than the best so why should you? At Cherry Valley Greenhouse you find the freshest plant material.

Watch this site for photos of newly arrived plants.

What’s Coming Up at Cherry Valley Greenhouse

We’re so excited to announce our schedule of Spring, Summer and Fall events for the year. Make sure to check out our events section for all the latest. You can also find our events on our new app so make sure to download it today.

What’s So Special at Cherry Valley Greenhouse

Watch this site for specials and other promotions.